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The vineyard  of Juliénas is spread over 580 hectares, across the villages of Juliénas, Jullié, et Pruzilly. AOC since 1938, Juliénas is one of the ten crus of Beaujolais. From the combination of its unique grape and its famous terroirs, is born a red wine, suitable for ageing (ten years on average and sometimes more for some wines).

The name Juliénas is said to comes from JULIUS CAESAR.

Our Vineyard

Location : Juliénas is located on the granitic foothills of the High Beaujolais on steep slopes ranging from 20% to 45%. The land is poor and particularly suitable for growing grapes. The structure of the subsoil gives a natural tannic power to the wines of the appellation that must be mastered to develop quality wines.

Grape Variety : Black Gamay

Soil and Subsoil : Diversified granitic soil and subsoil on blue stones altered at shallow depth

Surface : Ha05

Exposure : Eastern

Plantation : 1980 : 27Sq m45 – 1992 : 22Sq m55 –  1994 :5Sq m – 2011 :50 Sq m

Grape harvest and wine making process

The grapes were manually harvested in 15 kilos open boxes on September 15th, 2019.


Harvest and winemaking

The grapes were manually harvested in 15 kilos open boxes on September 4th and 6 th, 2022.

The vendange was wonderful and the wine-making processes happened in optimal conditions.

The wines were casked at the beginning of October and matured for 9 months in  “jar”, then the wine was bottling in July 2023.

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