At the heart of the crus wines of Beaujolais

On steep land, a vineyard

It is to the south of the famous Burgundy vineyard, close to Mâcon, that are located the vineyards of the Domaine de Boischampt.

At the heart of our beautiful hilly landscapes, the vines flourish on steep slopes of up to 40%.
Between 300 meters and 400 meters of altitude, our vineyard takes advantage all year round of the coolness necessary for the production of quality grapes. Our cellar, meanwhile, awaits for you in the heart of the village of Jullié.

A historic vineyard with a mild climate

The vine arrived here with the Romans and has been cultivated since ancient times.
Bordered by the Saône at the East, the Beaujolais will benefit from the 17th century
of a fast growing river trade. The crus then start to establish their reputation and find themselves on the greatest tables in Paris and Lyon.

The climate, semi-continental, allows Gamay Noir, the unique grape of our vintages, to reveal all the subtlety of its aromas.

14 ha of vines in operation

Although the estate had only two appellations when it was taken over, Juliénas and Beaujolais Villages red, we quickly acquired new plots to extend our range of Beaujolais wines.

Fleurie, Chénas, Beaujolais Village white and organic Morgon then joined Juliénas and Beaujolais Villages red in our Beaujolais crus offer.

Added to this are 4,5 hectares of coppice and wood which, here and there, border our vineyards and in which a biodiversity which is beneficial to all is developing.

And trusted partners

As we await our replanted vineyards to enter production, we have been working with trustworthy partners. With specifications that live up to our values and our ambitions, we found the best grapes around to vinify and age in our cellars with the very same rigor and demand. Thus, we were already able to offer you FleurieSaint Amour and Beaujolais Villages white  as of the 2018 vintage.