Nature at work

A respect for life, the art of cultivating our vines

As soon as we took over the Domaine de Boischampt we formed a partnership with an authorized certification authority, Alpes Contrôle, which has guided us through the conversion of our vines towards Organic Farming.

We made the choice to listen to biodiversity. We wish to establish a harmonious and self-sufficient system while ensuring that the vine finds its own balance, according to the nature of the soil and the climate of the year, while leaving the fauna and flora to field expression.

The alternative technique of grassing and plowing to work with nature

Thibaud, our winemaker, has made the choice of grassing and plowing which has the advantage of decomposing the soil and frees the life inside while limiting erosion. Phytosanitary treatments, essential for the development of the leaf are limited to the use of sulfur and copper,  both are natural products authorized in organic farming.

In the vineyard, work is done by hand (disbudding, lifting, shearing, etc.). For treatments Thibaud uses a small crawler tractor and a vineyard tractor in the other vineyards, both of which have the advantage of not compacting the soil.

Restructuring the vineyard while preserving our heritage

In our quest for excellence, where possible, we preserved the “old vines” by installing wooden sticks or trellises.

Gnarled and curled up they are not very productive.

All their potential is thus gathered in a small number of berry clusters concentrated and rich in aromas.

When necessary, we pulled out and entirely replanted the plots.

Conversion into Organic Farming

Our project will be fully realized in 2023, as 4 years is the minimum period for the conversion of a traditional vineyard into an organic vineyard. This is 14 hectares of vineyards that we are patiently remodled to be able to work in respect of the beautiful hilly landscape in the heart of which we evolve.

Then we can gradually offer you our organic wines : Juliénas, Saint Amour, Fleurie, Chénas, Beaujolais-Villages white, Beaujolais-Villages red, which will  join our  Organic Morgon.