Masterclass & Dinner show For Retailers (OFF-T) “Taste our Pur Beaujolais Terroir”Japan

Objectifs :
Educate the professionals and help them understand better about Beaujolais wine.
Image enhancement through professionals authorities.
Deliver the educational concept generated during the event.

Descriptif :
Date of the event: June 17, 2024
Place: Happo-en (Tokyo)
During the seminar session (17:00-18:20), participants were introduced to the unique aspects
of Beaujolais, including expertise, terroirs, winemaking techniques, and appellations for its 3
colors. The session placed a particular emphasis on the key grape varieties of the region:
Gamay and Chardonnay. Additionally, Ms. Morimoto provided information about the
lieux-dits and their significance in the Beaujolais wine landscape. The seminar concluded
with a Q&A session, sparking interesting discussions on how to further expand the sales and
position of Cru Beaujolais wines in Japan. Carnet du Beaujolais, soil map, and presentation
slides were distributed to the participants.
Following the seminar, a 2-hour tasting dinner (18:30-20:30) showcased the exceptional
quality of Beaujolais wines. This session offered a perfect opportunity for participants to taste
and discuss the wines in a friendly and relaxed setting, further solidifying their understanding
and appreciation of the region’s offerings. To further aid in their learning and enjoyment,
participants were provided with a tasting booklet. This booklet served as a valuable
reference, offering information about the wines sampled during the event and space for the
participants to take notes.

The pairing session was composed of 6 SKUs and 4 dishes:
● Lobster and mango cocktail
● Kamakura vegetables and wild rice salad
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● Carrot mousse with shrimp
● Mommessin_Beaujolais Blanc_Grandes Mises_2022 / GODO SHUSEI CO., LTD.
● White fish and scallop wrapped in pie, creme de homard
● Maison Piron_Beaujolais-Village_2020 / ARCANE LIMITED
● Château de Chénas_Chénas_Coeur de Granit_2020 / RUMINO VINO CO., LTD.
● Beef cooked in red wine and parmantier
Domaine de Boischampt_Juliénas_2021 / Village Cellars K.K.
● Domaine Louis Claude Desvignes_Morgon_Côte du Py_2021 / TOYOTA TSUSHO FOODS
● Domaine des Nugues_Moulin-à-Vent_Les Burdelines_2018 / WINE TO STYLE, INC.
Dessert & Coffee
● Pots de Crème aux fruits