Beaujolais-Villages White

Selection of the best hills, the disignation Beaujolais-Villages is produce North of the Beaujolais vineyard, in the crus area. The delimitation marks the transition between the clay-limestone of southern Beaujolais and retains only granitic soils.

Our Plot :

Purchase of grapes on the village of Emeringes, in a place known as le replat Devavre, and the wine-making process in our fermenting cellar.

Location :  The Emeringes plateau is orientated to the North East and the constituion of the soil is very well suited to the Chardonnay grape variety. This richness made by the clay and old colluvium enables a slow and homogeneous maturation. Located between Mount Remont and the foothills of the high Beaujolais, the village of Emeringes only produces Beaujolais-Villages.

Grape Variety : Chardonnay

Soil and Subsoil :  Stony soil of old alluvium

Surface : 50 Sq m

Exposure : On a plateau, rows oriented North East

Plantation : 50 Sq m in 2012

Harvest and winemaking

The grapes were manually harvested in 15 kilos open boxes on September 9th, 2018.

The grape harvest, at maturity and healthy, made it possible to realise the wine making process in optimal conditions.The wines were casked early October and matured in barrels for 11 months. They were then assembled to be bottled in September.

Chardonnay, the king of grape variety in Burgundy, finds its place in the Beaujolais with a more singular expression, close to the fuit. The attack is frank and delicate, leaving a nice freshness at the end of the mouth.